Online store

We can help you build your online brand and easily operate your online store to enhance your business

Custom project

You can add unlimited products and set a different selling price for each product

Product Search

Users can easily find favorite products and provide different search fields: including SKU, product name, brand...

Online customer service chat

Customers can contact you directly without leaving your website

Product photo

Upload a large number of product photos to show customers product details from different angles

Online payment and shipping

A variety of payment and shipping methods are available for customers to choose, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Alipay, UnionPay and WeChat Pay, etc.

Quick view

Ability to preview each product without opening a new page, which is convenient for users and increases your conversion rate

Everything you need to start selling online

Tell us what you think, and let us help you with the rest.

For mobile sales

Specific configuration options for mobile devices, tablets and desktop devices to ensure that users can get the best experience no matter which device they use.

Product catalog classification

Independent product catalog management

Shopping Cart

Simple shopping checkout process, and equipped with complete order management, customer account management, customer service system...

Warehouse system

Record product inventory according to product size, color, etc., and automatically and accurately deduct inventory according to actual sales volume

Membership rating system

Distinguish between ordinary users, VIP users, agents, etc., to better protect product design and to classify prices for sales

TVP 科技券例子
TVP 科技券例子

E-voucher function

The system automatically generates e-coupons to be distributed via email:
You can flexibly set the effective date of the e-coupon, the amount of the offset product, and the target of the distribution, etc.

Points system

You can set the total amount of products purchased by customers, and automatically convert points. Points can be used to redeem goods or services online

TVP 科技券例子

Multiple online payment systems

Support about morn common payment method, such asPayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Alipay, UnionPay, WeChat, etc.

Our Team Has Extensive Experience In Branding, With Customers In All Walks Of Life

Design, development and promotion

All design comes from content planning, content is determined by company characteristics, target customers and market strategy, and development is the realization of content and design. The three are indispensable, so in the planning stage.

We first study the company’s operating characteristics, operating objectives, analyze the company’s customers and market conditions, then plan the content and functions, and then decide on the company’s design based on the content and functions, and finally we will adoptthedevelopment of safe technical solutions.

Throughout the planning process, we fully understand the functions required by our customers and tailor an online store for you. The online store also supports different online payment methods, improves the product update management model and publicity methods, and helps you to develop a new path to success.


Online shop design and development
HK$ 32,800
  • Contains payment function
  • Online payment and shipping
  • Order notification
  • Chat button function
  • Product Search
  • Statistical Report
  • Add products and set different prices
  • Facebook quick registration and login function
  • facebook store link
  • And many more features

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