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MONEY GENERATOR TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, hereinafter referred to as "MGT".

MGT provides a professional and customer-oriented service concept. We will put ourselves in a position to understand the needs of customers, and at the same time make various analysis; with years of experience, we can create professional-grade brand features and creative online solutions for customers.

We are committed to providing services such as web design, online store, mobile application development, online system and website optimization, and search engine optimization in different fields.To help customers achieve a comprehensive enterprise system and electronic, at the same time we pay more attention to brand image and design, from web page establishment to online promotion, every detail is tailor-made, step by step to build brand image, and help you increase sales. And operational efficiency.  

Our goal is to hope that every company can establish its own brand through mobile phones and the Internet, thereby strengthening and stabilizing its business.

Core competence

  • MGT uses exclusive sales network
  • First-class customer relationship management (high response frequency and speed)
  • Operate on the premise of establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers
  • Focus on good communication and understand customer needs
  • Pragmatic, careful attention to details and quality 
  • Carefully made webpages/programs, because we know every detail and perfect the basis for establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers
  • I sincerely hope that our customers' business will continue to grow
  • The monthly growth of new customers is more than 50%, rapid growth is our culture
  • Government approved service providers (reference number: SP-171-592), successful application items include: web shop, appointment system, inventory system, accounting system, etc. 

MGT record (2020)

  • Has established online stores and promoted more than 200% business growth for 300+ merchants 
  • More than 15 well-known brands have become our customers
  • Help 200+ merchants to solve the workflow and optimize the system
  • Create a better working environment and more space for employees
  • Promote efficient completion of work

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IT industry epidemic situation is stronger

In the data of "Hong Kong Science Park Online Career Expo 2020". A total of 170 companies participated and provided more than 1,100 jobs. According to official data, there were nearly 300,000 page views and more than 15,000 resumes of job seekers from all over the world. 42% of job seekers with a postgraduate degree, and most of the rest are Nearly 44% of applicants for bachelor's degree who submitted resumes are innovative talents from 87 economies around the world. In the epidemic situation, the IT industry still has huge market growth space.

Huang Keqiang, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, believes that innovation and technology is the core of the future development of society. "Faced with the challenges of an aging global population and energy shortages, the world is vigorously promoting the development of innovation and technology, in order to use technology to improve lives and build a better future for mankind. With the continuous development of innovation and technology, the future innovation and technology industry will be full of opportunities "Although the world economy is being challenged by the epidemic, the IT industry has been able to outperform the market.

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