Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Designed for local non-listed companies and organizations to adopt technology services and solutions to enhance productivity or upgrade business processes.


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MGT's customer service team is very professional and explained every detail of the technology voucher to me very clearly! You can easily apply for technology vouchers within a few months!


MGT's customer service team is very professional and explained every detail of the technology voucher to me very clearly! You can easily apply for technology vouchers within a few months!

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MGT's customer service team is very professional and explained every detail of the technology voucher to me very clearly! You can easily apply for technology vouchers within a few months!

Timmy Chan
Yun Gui Xiang Marketing Manager
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Technology Voucher Program (TVP) Funding System

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) lack awareness of system solutions, often missing out on opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and cost savings. MGT will provide recommendations on system solutions to help businesses understand the most suitable IT systems within the Technology Voucher Program.

Technology Voucher Program (TVP) Funding Process

Application for Technology Voucher

The team will verify all required documents for the technology voucher, including company operational documents, supplier quotations, and eligibility criteria, to avoid any errors or omissions that may delay the application process.

Voucher Review

The authority will review the eligibility and feasibility of the technology voucher application. The team will provide consultation and advice, including addressing any technical issues.

Approval of Voucher

Once the technology voucher application is approved, the authority will notify the applicant in writing, and a funding agreement will be signed.

Implementation of TVP Project

The approved technology voucher project must be implemented within twelve months. The team will assist in monitoring the progress and implementation.

Submission of Voucher Report

Within two months of project completion, the applicant is required to submit a final report to the authority. The team will help review the documents for accuracy and minimize delays in the approval process.

Disbursement of Funding

If the project report is accepted by the authority, the approved funding will be disbursed to the applicant, completing the entire process of applying for the technology voucher program.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The Technology Voucher Program (TVP) was launched in November 2016 as a pilot scheme. Its objective is to provide funding support to local small and medium-sized enterprises (referred to as "SMEs") for adopting technology services and solutions to enhance productivity or upgrade and transform their businesses.

(A)(I) Registered under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310) in Hong Kong; or

(A)(II) Incorporated as a company under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622) in Hong Kong; or

(A)(III) Established as a statutory body under the relevant ordinance in Hong Kong; and

(B) Not a listed company in Hong Kong or a subsidiary of a government-funded organization or any government-funded organization; and

(C) Have substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of application, which must be relevant to the proposed project. "Shell companies" will not be considered to have substantive business operations in Hong Kong.

Funding Scope?
  • Technology Consultancy Services - Applicants can engage technology consultants to provide external advisory services for their proposed projects. The consultants must be local organizations, research institutions, or companies/organizations registered under the Business Registration Ordinance in Hong Kong.
  • Purchase, Rental, or Subscription of Customized Equipment/Hardware, Software, and Technology Services or Solutions
  • Generally, the cost of these equipment/hardware/software/services or solutions should not exceed 50% of the project cost.
  • Project Audit (Applicable to projects approved for funding exceeding HK$50,000): However, the maximum audit fee included in the total project cost is capped at HK$3,000.
What are the items that are not covered?

The following general operational costs are not covered:

  1. Employee salaries, allowances, general training and development expenses
  2. Expenses related to the acquisition of regular office equipment/hardware, software, and technology services or solutions for day-to-day operations
  3. Fees for professional services that are not directly related to technology
  4. Costs associated with marketing and branding activities
  5. Expenses for transportation and accommodation
  6. Expenses related to financing and administrative activities
  7. Costs associated with the procurement, maintenance, warranty, and insurance of existing equipment
  8. Expenditures incurred before project approval or outside the project period
Funding Amounts?
In the 2020-21 fiscal year budget announcement, the government revealed that starting from April 1, 2020, it would further enhance the Technology Voucher Program to assist businesses in leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance competitiveness. The funding ratio for approved projects by the government would increase from two-thirds to three-quarters, while the funding ceiling per applicant would rise from HKD 400,000 to HKD 600,000. Additionally, the maximum number of approved projects per applicant would increase from four to six.
Project Deadline?
Each project is generally expected to be completed within a period of 12 months.
Application Period?
Applications for the Technology Voucher Program are accepted throughout the year.
Evalutation Criteria?
  • Each eligible application will be evaluated and considered based on individual circumstances. The evaluation criteria include:
    1. Relevance of the proposed project to the applicant's business: The project should have the potential to enhance the applicant's competitiveness through productivity improvement, business development/expansion, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, upgrading, or transformation.
    2. Reasonableness of the budget: The Technology Voucher Program Committee or the Innovation and Technology Commission will evaluate the budget based on their knowledge of the market price of relevant technologies. Each expenditure item should be necessary and directly related to the implementation of the project.
    3. Feasibility of the implementation details: Factors to consider may include the presence of specific project outcomes. Additionally, the feasibility of the implementation details should be practical, taking into account the complexity of the technology and the project timeline.
    4. Adverse records (if any) of consultants and/or service providers known to the Technology Voucher Program Committee and the Innovation and Technology Commission.
Required Documents?

(A) Copy of Business Registration Form 1(A)/1(C) of the applicant or the most recent Annual Return (Form NAR1) from the Companies Registry.

(B) Copies of proof of substantial business operations in Hong Kong related to the proposed project, submitted at the time of application. Examples include invoices/receipts or commercial contracts issued within the past three months, the latest audited financial statements, profits tax returns, and tax assessment notices issued by the Inland Revenue Department.

(C) Copies of valid Hong Kong identity cards or passports of the person signing the application form on behalf of the applicant.

(D) Copies of signed Declaration of Integrity and Non-Collusion Quotation/Tender Confirmation obtained as per Section 12 of this Guide.

(E) Copies of the quotation(s) submitted by the bidder, indicating detailed contact information (including address, telephone, and email). Please specify the selected quotation(s) by the applicant and how each item on the quotation corresponds to the expenditure items in Part (I) of Form B of the application.

When will the funding amount be received?

The funding amount will be disbursed after the completion of the project. The applicant must submit the following documents within two months of project completion to receive the funding:

• Final project report

• Proof of project outcomes

• Original or copy of payment receipts for each expenditure item

I. If the approved funding amount exceeds HKD 50,000, an audited project expenditure statement prepared by an independent auditor should be submitted.

II. If the approved funding amount is HKD 50,000 or below, the applicant company is required to submit a final expenditure statement and declaration.

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