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Technology Voucher Programme-TVP



Analyze business needs

Understand the operating conditions of the client company, Analyze and evaluate budget and suggest related systems​


會幫客戶準確核實文件,營運資料的格式是否符合要求,並提供申請流程中會預到的問題, 避免延誤到申請進度




Technology Voucher Programme 「TVP」

科技券 於2016年11月以先導形式推出,旨在資助本地中小型企業(下稱「中小企」)使用科技服務和方案,以提高生產力或升級轉型。

(a)(i) Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310); or
(a)(ii) A company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622); or
(a)(iii) A statutory body established in Hong Kong under the relevant regulations; and
(b) It is not a Hong Kong listed company, nor is it a subsidiary of a government-funded organization* or any government-funded organization*; and
(c) There is a substantial business operation in Hong Kong when the application is submitted, and the business must be related to the application project. A "shelf company" will not be regarded as having substantive business operations in Hong Kong.

  • Technology advisory services-applicants can appoint technology advisors to provide external advisory services for their application projects. When making an application, the relevant consultant must be a local organization or scientific research institution, or a company/organization that has been registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance.
  • Purchase, rent or order customized equipment/hardware, software and technology services or solutions that are an essential part of the project.
  • Purchase, rent or order off-the-shelf equipment/hardware, software, and technology services or solutions that are an essential part of the project. Generally speaking, the cost of these equipment/hardware/software/services or solutions should not exceed 50% of the project cost.
  • Project audit (applicable to projects with approved funding exceeding HK$50,000), but the audit fee that is included in the total cost of the project is capped at HK$3,000.

General operating costs will not be funded by technology voucher, such as:

  1. Staff salaries, allowances, general training and development;
  2. Staff salaries, allowances, general training and development;
  3. Professional service fees not related to technology;
  4. Marketing and brand promotion expenses;
  5. Transportation and accommodation;
  6. Financing expenses and administrative expenses.
  7. Purchase, maintenance, warranty and insurance of existing equipment
  8. Expenses incurred before the project is approved or outside the project period.

The 2020-21 Budget announced that the government will further optimize technology voucher from April 1, 2020 to further assist companies in using technology to improve business operations and enhance competitiveness. The government’s funding ratio for approved projects will be increased from two-thirds to three-quarters, the funding ceiling per applicant will be increased from 400,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan, and the maximum number of approved projects will also be increased from Four increased to six.

Each project should generally be completed within 12 months.

The technology voucher accepts applications throughout the year.

  • Each eligible application will be assessed and considered on a case-by-case basis. The evaluation criteria include:

      1. Whether the proposed project is related to the applicant’s business-the project should be expected to enhance the applicant’s competitiveness by increasing productivity, developing/expanding business, reducing costs or improving efficiency, and upgrading and transformation.
      2. Whether the budget is reasonable-the Technology Voucher Planning Committee or the Innovation and Technology Commission will make an assessment with reference to the market price of the relevant technology known to it. Each expenditure item must be necessary and directly related to the implementation of the project.
      3. Whether the implementation details are reasonable-considerations can include whether specific project results have been set. In addition, due to factors such as the complexity of the project's technology and the duration of the project, the implementation details should be practicable.
      4. 科技券計劃委員會及創新科技署所知悉有關顧問及/或服務提供者的不良記錄(如有)。

(a) A copy of the applicant's Business Registration Office Form 1(a)/1(c) or the most recent Companies Registry Annual Return (Form NAR1)
(b) The applicant has a copy of the proof of business operations in Hong Kong when the application is submitted, and the business must be related to the application project. For example, invoices/receipts or commercial contracts issued within the last three months, the latest audited accounts, profits tax returns, and tax assessment notices issued by the Inland Revenue Department
(c) Copy of valid Hong Kong ID card or passport of the person signing the application form on behalf of the applicant
(d) All signed copies of good faith and non-collusion quotations/tender confirmations obtained in accordance with paragraph 12 of this guide
(e) A copy of the quotation submitted by the bidder, showing the bidder's detailed contact information (including address, phone number and email). Please specify the quotations that the applicant intends to select and how the items on each quotation correspond to the item expenditures in Part B (I) of the application form.

After the project is completed, the applicant must submit the following documents within two months to obtain the funding amount:
• Final report of the project
• Proof of project achievement
• The original or copy of the payment receipt for each expenditure item

I. If the approved funding amount exceeds 50,000 yuan, submit an audited project expenditure table prepared by an independent auditor
II. If the approved funding amount is 50,000 yuan or less, the applicant company must submit the final expenditure form and statement

科技券 - 申請程序


Apply TVP

First, prepare application documents,團隊會核實所有科技券所需文件,包括公司營運文件、供應商報價單及不合謀條款等等,避免任何延誤申請進度的錯漏。

Review TVP

Second, the department will review the qualifications for applying for technology voucher and the rationality of the project.團隊會提供建議諮詢 Including system technical problems.

examination passed

Third, the application for technology voucher projects have passed the evaluation, the department will notify the evaluation results in writing, andSign the funding agreement

Implementation of the Technology Voucher Scheme


Submit TVP report

Fifth, within two months after the completion of the project,The final report needs to be submitted to the agency,團隊會幫忙檢查文件是否正確,減少延誤審批進度

Grant grants

Sixth, if the project report is accepted by the agency, the applicant willSuccessfully received approved funding, Complete the entire application process for technology voucher program.

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TVP Funding System

大部份中小企企業對系統方案缺乏認識,往往錯失提升企業營運效能及開源節流機會。 MGT會提供系統上的建議,讓企業了解在科技券中最合適的IT系統。
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Funded Enterprise
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Customer Satisfaction

Successful case

Case one industry: catering industry
The restaurant owner, Miss Huang, has been in business for one year, and the number of customers is increasing day by day. Employees generally only use handwritten orders. From time to time, there are people who make mistakes and omissions. Customers often complain and affect the reputation of the restaurant, resulting in fewer customers and declining morale of employees.

Therefore, Ms. Huang plans to apply for the technology voucher program, hoping to obtain project funding to purchase the POS of the restaurant management system, thereby improving the efficiency of the restaurant's operation.

Ms. Huang looked for ways to apply for funding by herself and prepared the required documents, but the process was quite laborious and time-consuming. After submitting the completed documents, I waited for a long time but the application was returned. The reason was that the documents had errors and omissions and needed to be resubmitted. Ms. Huang once wanted to give up the application for funding.




Case Two Industry: Advertising Media Production
Mr. Lu, who is engaged in the production of advertising media, had just been established for 6 months at the time, and always hoped to add a management system to the company to improve the company's operational efficiency. Later, it was learned that the application qualifications for technology vouchers were relaxed, so Mr. Lu submitted the application by himself.

However, the Innovation and Technology Bureau later returned Mr. Lu's funding application and asked him to clarify the details of the project and resubmit the project plan. But Mr. Lu thought that the plan he had submitted before was very detailed, so he was very confused, unable to start, and even felt that he was deliberately making things difficult for him.


In addition, our professional team also recommends that Mr. Lu apply for an accounting system, which can accurately count the company's monthly income, cash flow, accounts receivable, etc. for them.

Case Three Industry: Interior Design
Ms. Chen, who works in an interior design company, hopes to successfully build a website for the company by applying for technology voucher, so as to enhance the company's image and customer base.

But she believes that the most difficult application for technology voucher is to prepare a reasonable professional plan.

Ms. Chen is busy with business, and it is difficult to get away from writing the plan personally and replying to the questions raised by the Innovation and Technology Bureau in a timely manner. The employees of the company are also not familiar with the company's situation and fail to entrust help.

So Ms. Chen contacted our team of professional consultants for technology voucher projects through a friend's introduction.

首先,我們為陳小姐檢查所需文件格式及資料是否正確。並建議陳小姐在政府參考名單中選取合適的供應商,由陳小姐自行選擇供應商。 之後協助陳小姐檢查文件,及提供專業問題的解答。申請成功後陳小姐可以用科技券資助為其公司增加員工出勤紀錄系統,可計算出席、請假、MPF等事項。另外,還能紀錄員工的日常表現,大大地提升了公司的員工管理。



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Technology Solution Deposit
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